Balancing rocks on still waterMost medical systems around the world are based on diagnosing and treating SYMPTOMS. Treatment generally involves suppressing symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs, or doing invasive surgery.

German Naturopathic Medicine is intentionally different. In German Naturopathic Medicine, your symptoms are NOT your problem.

The real problem is what caused and contributed to your symptoms. Your symptoms are only an internal reaction signaling that something is wrong, and that further investigation is needed. Your symptoms mean that your body is overwhelmed by the problem and can no longer cope or compensate for the internal disturbances and damage.

German Naturopathic Medicine:

  1. First identifies and addresses YOUR unique pre-disposing factors – things like your entire health history, your family health history, your predisposing genetic factors, and your predisposing lifestyle factors.
  2. Identifies and addresses YOUR unique contributing factors – things like the medical services you have received or are receiving, Rx prescription drugs you currently or have recently used (like antibiotics, blood pressure medications, drugs for depression or anxiety, etc.)
  3. Identifies and addresses YOUR unique internal metabolic markers including toxicity, which are as unique to you as your fingerprints and DNA.

Once all of these factors are unraveled, properly identified, and added to the picture, the path forward for treatment and recovery is more easily and clearly identified, and is more successful … because everything needing to be considered in the restoration of your health is included.

Merely treating symptoms is not only illogical, it is scientifically and morally wrong. The only approach that really works and makes sense to actually restore full health is the specific comprehensive metabolic approach that is the primary focus of German Naturopathic Medicine.

Real Healing vs. Quick Fix

Suppressing your symptoms with Rx drugs may make you feel better quickly, but it fails to fix your real, underlying problem. Ultimately your symptoms will come back and get worse, needing more drugs, which can have dangerous side effects requiring still other drugs to suppress. All of which will further poison and weaken your already imbalanced metabolism and compromised health.

Because it goes after underlying causes and not just superficial symptoms, German Medicine may take a little longer to show results you can see. In the long run however, it is your wisest decision. The proof is self-evident. Give it time to work. Your overall health and future ability to resist illness can be vastly improved.

It may seem like a miracle. In reality, it’s German Naturopathic Medicine.

Welcome to Natural Healing!