Who controls your daily health and life?

YOU DO … by your daily actions!

  1. The exceptional quality of your dispensed medicines and nutritional supports.
  2. Receiving the best that German and european Natural Medicine has to offer you.
  3. Your regularly-scheduled ion detoxification therapy sessions.
  4. Your daily lifestyle consistency.
  5. Your daily lifestyle momentum.

Every day you and I and everyone else has a very, very long and often complicated list of things we need to get done.

Things like work, grocery shopping, plan meals, cook the food, take care of ourselves and our families, take care of our homes, our cars, our pets … the list is nearly endless.

These kinds of demands are very stressful, but because we are “used to it,” it doesn’t even register any more just how very stressful this can all get. 

We get off track. We ignore our health. We just drag along feeling worse, getting more and more out of balance, until we are overwhelmed, and we finally feel and see the chaos which results from getting off track.

For my patients, I often can see this long before they themselves be aware of it. For many, it is the symptoms and effects of long term stress and a general neglect of good health, that brings them to me in the first place.

In either case I am able to immediately address the situation and its causes with my patients with appropriate stress-reducing and stress-management techniques, detoxification, and nutritional supplementation that gets them back on track so they can continue to move forward in healing.

Quality of nutrition is critical. There are far too many foods sold today which are over-processed, and deficient in nutritional value due to depletion of the soil, as well as modern methods of harvesting, processing, storing, and transporting our foods. 

A vast nutritional supplements industry has grown up around these concerns. Unfortunately, far too many common supplement brands currently on the market are manufactured from inferior, poorly-absorbed ingredients, and simply won’t provide you with the kind of nutritional support your body so desperately needs.

Food and nutritional supplement companies won’t tell you this. I will. I will help you identify the foods and supplements which will bring you the most bang for your buck, and which when taken as part of a program designed to address your unique physiology and situation, will have the greatest positive impact on your good health.

Your Healing Momentum

No time for your health today?
There will be no time for your health tomorrow.

If you become careless and inconsistent about your healing, if you choose inferior nutritional supports and medicines, you will lose your healing momentum, and very likely whatever gains you may have made up to that point.

When you lose your healing momentum, your healing progress will stop and you will begin sliding backwards, until you ultimately return to your old health-compromised self.

Responding to and fulfilling all of those endless demands and obligations you feel in your life is only possible when your health is your FIRST PRIORITY.

Without question, your personal health must come first. Everything else depends on it. It is only your good health which allows and enables you to do all of those other things. If your health is compromised, nothing else really matters – or really works.

It is only when  your health is strong and resilient, that you will be able to do everything else in your life.

YOU Are the Answer

If you get off track, you must work to quickly re-achieve balance in order to assure continued healing, rather than to continually lose your healing momentum.

If you miss an appointment, make it up quickly. If you’ve missed a few rounds or a few days of healthy eating and supplementation, get back to them NOW. In this way you’ll minimize your loss of healing momentum, and you’ll be able to get back on track. 

Your Personal Epiphany

EPIPHANY (pronounced eee-piff-iny) is defined by Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary as: (1) An unusual, sudden, unexpected perception or understanding of the essential nature or meaning of something, or (2) A simple, striking, intuitive sudden grasp of a deeper reality through an event or turn of fate.

It’s your former lifestyle that led you to this point in your life, right here and right now.

What you chose to do or not to do each day became your life experience.

I and my clinic are here to help you learn how to make vital, positive, long term changes that will impact your life and health for the better.  Therefore logically, we must start with what what impacts those things most – your lifestyle.

To change your health and life for the better, you need to understand your lifestyle, and to make lifestyle choices that are better, more positive, and more supportive of your healing process and of “getting your life back!” We’re here to help.

Working together there will come a time for you when “everything clicks,” and make sense in a new, clarifying, and inspiring way.

It’s your “ah HA!” moment – your epiphany. When that happens your life will never again be the same … for the better. 

“Your personal epiphany will be when you realize:

Once you see this truth, everything changes for the better – every facet of your life and health.

At our clinic, we promote this for you by combining many critical methods to guide you toward your health epiphany, including but not limited to detoxification therapy, natural medicines, and nutritional supports.

Other therapies we offer include Whole Body Vibration Therapy (WBVT), European Microwave BEMER Therapy, Laser Transcranial Light Therapy, and completion of our two-part personal stress profiles (SP-B and CHP) – to help you understand you personal stress triggers, and then to empower you to reduce and manage them so you are able to be in charge of your life again.

We explain everything that is part of  your healing program and when you have completed the restoration of your health and achieve health homeostasis*, we teach you how to maintain that state for long term health and wellness.


A state of optimal internal balance and function, with all organs and systems working well individually as well as together in balance and coordination.

Do You Want To Be Medicated … or E D U C A T E D?

A happy, healthy family understands their health, knows what to do to stay well, and what to do when they need help. They are informed, empowered, and self-directed. They are in charge of their personal health.

Contrast this with many of the weak, sick, and vulnerable people you may know. What is the difference?

Knowledge and choice. Your health is an inside job. It is built and maintained from within, one day at a time. If you do not understand your health, you cannot protect it. Ultimately you will have few options, and others will choose your healthcare for you.

Your health is a precious, priceless gift. All of the money in the world cannot buy one more minute of good health.

Your health belongs to you, and only to you. With the gift of good health comes the responsibility to respect and protect it. The responsibility is yours. 


You will protect that which you respect. To begin with,  you must regard and respect your heath enough to learn about it, to understand it, and to protect it so it can protect you.

You need to become much more involved and actively participate in taking charge of your own life and health from this day going forward. Your past decisions have produced your present state of health. Your decisions and actions now will determine your future health.

Better health begins only when you decide you want better health. It must be a conscious, intentional decision, backed up by immediate and sustained action.

Good health is a gift. Good health is much easier to maintain than it is to recover once lost.

To make the most of your health and your life both you and the doctor you choose to work with must be knowledgable and committed to the healing process.

Caring for your health needs to not be limited to what the insurance companies have set as your limits of coverage or what treatments they well pay for.

Nor should you limit your options for health care to the drug companies, or to the doctors who have received almost the entirety of their training at medical schools and hospitals funded by and whose work and research are controlled by the drug companies who want doctors to prescribe their products.

Yes, there are medical crisis’ where prescription drugs or invasive surgeries are needed to save a life, but it has been demonstrated and proven through science that 80-90% of all modern health problems may be treated and often respond better to natural and “alternative” methods.

The secret to long-lasting and resilient good health is to NOT wait until there is a crisis or “health emergency”. The expensive roller coaster of westernized healthcare based on toxic, synthetic medicines and invasive surgeries is hard to escape once you’ve been sucked into its vortex.

Your life and health belong to you. We can help. Call us for an appointment.