What To Expect

 What to expect at your first appointmentJust as each patient – whether adult or child – is as unique as their fingerprints and DNA, so too is your first consultation in our office.

We work on a highly individualized basis with each patient for each visit, and there is a great deal of research, evaluation and analysis that is done after the patient leaves and before the next visit – sometimes as much as 4-6 hours of Dr. Bowman’s time.

Given this, consider that the cost to visit our clinic is much less than the cost of a typical visit to a traditional doctor or medical specialist, who will spend maybe 20 to 30 minutes with you and reviewing your test results.

Your First Visit

Generally you can expect that your first visit will last about 90 minutes. This includes a comprehensive metabolic urinalysis from which we get information about 20 different internal functions.

This is followed by a comprehensive mineral reserve analysis using a sample of your saliva. Finally we conduct a computerized scan of your body, using neurological switching reflex points on your hands and feet. This scan tells us about your internal organs’ state of stress, state of metabolic balance, state of function, and state of toxicity.

With these three basic but very comprehensive non-invasive tests, we will have a very clear, accurate understanding of what your health problems are, what is causing them, how long they have been negatively affecting your health, and how to help you reverse this – to heal and to rebuild your natural good health.

These simple but important tests are considered the gold standard for care in the best German hospitals. With them we will have the answers we need in order to provide the best plan of care for you to feel your best and so you can get your life back. 

Blood Type*

To complete our analysis, we will need to know your blood type. If you know it from  having served in the military or from having given blood, we will accept that. If you do not know your blood type we will determine it during your first visit, using just 4 drops of blood from a finger. This test is quick and takes about 10 minutes. (*Note: there is an additional cost for administering this test if needed to determine your blood type.)

Because each person is entirely unique, what we do depends on a patient’s specific health concerns, their general state of health, any complicating factors, and past medical history. More complicated cases may require more in-depth testing and evaluation.

Pediatric Evaluation

For young children we may not need to perform all three basic tests. Often we can learn what we need to know through the consultation, medical history and the urine sample. 

If additional testing and evaluation is needed there may be additional charges, and if natural or homeopathic medicines are dispensed there will be additional charges for those medicines as well.

Once the initial testing has been done we will have the answers as to what the real health problems are, what caused them, and how to help you correct and reverse them to restore optimal health using strictly natural methods.

Initial Visit Cost

For your first 90-minute consultation which includes the evaluative tests outlined above, our fee is only $360* which is due at your appointment (*Note: This does not include the cost of testing to determine your blood type, if needed. Also, certain conditions and cases may require additional testing the costs of which if needed will be discussed at the time of your consultation.)

Ongoing Costs

After your first visit we will also be able to give you a better idea of a course of treatment and ongoing costs, and will discuss those with you either at that time, or if more analysis and evaluation is needed, at your next appointment. The final decision is always yours to make.

Do You Need A Second Opinion?

Many people seek our help to obtain a second opinion because their previous doctor or doctors were not able to accurately determine the true nature and causes of their symptoms, and as a result the recommended drugs either did not work, or actually made the patient feel much worse.

If that is your situation, we are glad to provide a second and definitive opinion so you have the answers and the understanding you need to make smarter and better informed health decisions for yourself, so you can better rebuild your health to optimum levels.

You can get your life back! Contact us today at (715) 341-4949 to schedule an appointment. Our office is open to serve you Monday through Thursday, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon and 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM (if calling between 12:00 Noon and 1:30 PM be prepared to leave a voice message and we will return your call as soon as possible). 

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