What Our Patients Are Saying

“Significantly improved the quality of my life…”

During the past  year I have been under the care of Dr. James Bowman from the Naturopathic & European Medicine Centre. His treatment of my illness during the past year has significantly improved the quality of my life.

A few years ago I began to experience symptoms of nausea, chills, dry heaves and fatigue. My symptoms became progressively worse. After a few months I saw my Internal Medicine health care provider. She ordered a CT scan and upper GI endoscopy which were normal. A few months later because of the severity of my symptoms she ordered a Hepatobiliary Sys IM and electrocardiogram which were normal. I received a consult to GI. The gastric emptying time procedure they ordered was normal.

I had several more visits to the GI clinic during that year. When I saw my IM provider again for my annual visit, she told me they thought my condition was chronic and due to nerve damage from a viral infection.

Both my IM and GI providers prescribed several different drugs during this time. One drug helped my nausea if my symptoms were relatively mild. The others helped initially but stopped working after a period of time. One of the drugs cased me to gain wwight with significantly increased fatigue. All of these drugs were given to me to treat my symptoms; none addressed the cause of the problem.

Finally as my symptoms were getting worse and I was desperate to feel better, I made an appointment with Dr. Bowman. By the end of my first visit he gave me a definitive diagnosis of Candida infection and inflammation. The change in diet and dietary supplement he recommended helped me immensely. I no longer have dry heaves; I rarely experience nausea.

I have not lost one day of work since I began seeing Dr. Bowman. I can now commit to attending activities and not respond with “It depends how I feel.” I am extremely grateful to him for giving me my life back

– Cindy M.

“No help from ordinary medicine…”

We first met Dr. Bowman many years ago when my wife was very ill and we found no help for her through ordinary medicine. We have now known him for over 30 years and think of him like a son to us.

– P.v.E.

“Outstanding doctor…”

I have known Dr. Bowman for many years both personally and professionally. If  you speak with Dr. Bowman on the telephone or visit his website you will know with complete confidence that he is a man of integrity and exceptional character. He is very easy to talk to. He is consistently a gentleman and a gentle man.

– P.v.E.

“Knowledgeable and forthright…”

I was at a recent seminar in Wausau, Wisconsin and had the privilege of meeting Dr. Bowman. He was very educated, intelligent, hones, admirable, knowledgeable and compassionate in his works.

Everything his stories and knowledge brought forth to our class setting was very appreciative. After class I researched his website and found everything he stood for to be exactly what I have been looking for to stay healthy and well throughout my life. I would go so far as to say that I would trust Dr. Bowman’s caring hand with every member of my family, from young to old, with whatever ails them.

It was a honor to be in the presence of such a respected man, and I will remember all the knowledg he passd on to his fe3llow classmates without the least bit of hesitation. Thank you Dr. Bowman for being you!!

– D.R.

“My health was wayyy down…”

Thank you Dr. Bowman! Last summer I really knew that my health was wayyy down. It affected my appearance, emotional health and mental health.

Thank you soooooo much for pushing me forward to the stage I’m at now. You taught me a whole lot about how to take good care of myself and it will highly influence my “sporeless future.”

Thank you for personally caring about my health rather than handing me some bad drugs and sending me on my way. I will recommend Dr. Bowman to people from now on. Thank you soooooo much!

– A.H.

“After  years, a tremendous change…”

I would like to start off by saying, Thank you! You and your staff are wonderful. I did some research to see which naturopath I would like to see. I found Dr. Bowman online by his website and read all the wonderful and many years of practice in natural medicine.

When I called to make my appointment, Dr. Bowman himself answered. I was totally shocked that a doctor would even take the time to answer the phone. I knew right then and there that he cared and would listen.

My original appointment was to see if I was on the right supplements, which I have been taking for  years. First we did some testing. I was totally shocked by the results. My stressors were high, my body temperature was low. My whole internal balance was really off. I had inflammation to the hilt. I also had candida.

I felt more stressed now than ever, but Dr. Bowman gave me two bottles of natural therapies to take until my next visit. After taking them for a few days there was already a huge difference in how I felt.

My second visit was awesome, and included a total body cleanse, which was repeated every week. I could not believe my eyes at what came out of my body; toxins, toxins, and more toxins.

After my first cleanse we had a nice talk, and he told me that this is a partnership … he would do his part and I would need to do mine.

I thought, this is not so bad, I can do this. As I was waiting for my new supplements it seemed like a long time. Then they came out with three what seemed like very large bags, explaining these would need to be taken three times a day.

When I got home I felt very overwhelmed. But I felt I had to make a choice to get better. I did and I am soooo glad. Now those natural therapies are a blast to do, believe that.

My whole diet had changed also. Now I am about six weeks into my program. I FEEL SO GOOD INSIDE AND OUT. I’VE LOST WEIGHT TOO!

I also prayed to my heavenly father for healing. There are so many avenues our God uses and he chose this way for me.

THANK YOU AGAIN, Dr. Bowman for your expertise and your individual care. Remember this all things are possible with God and Dr. Bowman.

– S.P.

“Figured out the real underlying problem…”

I first came to see Dr. Bowman because of issues that, for years, I thought were due to poor circulation.

However, Dr. Bowman figured out that those issues were just symptoms of an underlying problem. Instead of trying to mask the symptoms, he came up with a plan to get to the root cause of the problem. Now I am on my way to better health.

– K.S.

“Helped me understand my problem…”

I was not feeling healthy and was  hospitalized this summer and had tests etc. but had some unanswered questions. 

My friend found Dr. Bowman through a computer search and my road to healing and good health began through natural methods. drug side effects were a big concern for me.

Dr. Bowman helped me to understand my problems through his care. He is very caring and patient and answers all my questions. He encourages and reassures and gives me hope when I need it. My health and life has gotten better. As my husband said he is the only doctor who has helped me.

– M.C.

“I finally found a real doctor that is taking the time to help me.”

Dr. Bowman is sweet, caring and very smart. After many years of going from one MD after another and none of them listened to me, and only getting weaker and sicker, I finally found a real docctor that is taking the time to help me. Instead of the 10 minute visit I was getting with an MD, I now get all the time that is needed and when you call and have questions, you get answers.

Dr. Bowman and everyone there cares about you. They work together as a health care team should. He tested for things that an MD ignores. I was getting sicker and sicker over the past 2 years, and no MD would listen to me, or take the time or proper testing it takes to find out what is wrong. They all only gave me more medications to cover up what was actually wrong. Dr. Bowman goes up and beyond what any MD has ever done for me. Thank you! Dr. Bowman. God Bless You!

– S.K.

“From Four Surgeries to Scoring the Winning Run!”

I have had Melanoma since 2010. I have had 4 surgeries to my leg and groin. I started seeing Dr. Bowman in early 2021. I am 70 years old and I drove the winning run in our senior softball tournament yesterday. A few  years ago I didn’t know if I would be able to play ball again. Thanks Dr. Bowman!

– G.F.

“Finally Pregnant … Lyme Disease Relief”

Dr. Bowman has been a godsend. we began seeing him in the Spring of 2014 for anxiety and for complications with becoming pregnant. Within one month we were finally pregnant with our first child. We saw him all through our pregnancy and into our next. He has been our doctor since 2014 with whatever arises, and is very knoledgeable. Fast-forward to 2022 I contracted Lyme Disease, and within 24 hours of being on his protocol I felt 100%. He’s amazing and will change your life!

– Erin

“Breast cancer lump barely palpable”

Dr. Bowman is amazing! I had my second bout of breast cancer. My first was in October 2019. At that time I was in shock and took the modern medicine route for the most part. I did the lumpectomy but declined the chemo/radiation and estrogen blockers. They said I had a 25% chance of re-occurrence.

Well, in June 2021 I found another lump, close to the previous location. For 3-1/2 months I tried (unsuccessfully) to DIY by following a book. In early August I started to consider other options for natural healing. God brought me to Dr. Bowman. What a godsend! My first appointment was September 13, 2021. By November 20 the lump had reduced in size. December 3rd my thermogram confirmed a significant reduction in inflammation, even in the location of the lump. Since that time, my lump is barely palpable.

I am so thankful that God called Dr. Bowmn to this profession. He is the gift that heals and guides his patients. He is so so different than all the other doctdors I have met. He loves them, cares for them, and even makes himself available to them. It is obvious that he truly loves Chirst and the people that God sends his way! I also wholeheartedly appreciate that Dr. Bowman’s methods are rooted in science and NOT New Age, occult, or Middle Eastern practices.

God is the great healer. He has given Dr. Bowman great wisdom and love to treat people. Thank you Dr. B! We love you.

– The D’s

“Back to myself and even better!”

I want to thank Dr. Bowman and his staff for  helping me get my life and health back.

Over the last 6 years I was sick and they always said it was my thyroid. Well I was sick of being sick and the American Doctors don’t help you at all.

I am so glad God led me to Dr. Bowman. When I saw Dr. Bowman I was so sick that I couldn’t work out any more or drive pretty much anywhere because I would feel dizzy or light headed and my whole body felt off. I couldn’t even make home cooked meals for my family because I had no energy but now thanks to Dr. Bowman and his staff for caring about me and my health I am back to myself and I am even better.

I am able to work out and push myself again. I am able to take my kids fun places again. I am able to do everthing that I love again and it’s all because of Dr. Bowman. I feel like I get pampered here when I come and I leave so relaxed.

– Janelle P.