What Our Patients Are Saying

“From Four Surgeries to Scoring the Winning Run!”

I have had Melanoma since 2010. I have had 4 surgeries to my leg and groin. I started seeing Dr. Bowman in early 2021. I am 70 years old and I drove the winning run in our senior softball tournament yesterday. A few  years ago I didn’t know if I would be able to play ball again. Thanks Dr. Bowman!

– G.F.

“Finally Pregnant … Lyme Disease Relief”

Dr. Bowman has been a godsend. we began seeing him in the Spring of 2014 for anxiety and for complications with becoming pregnant. Within one month we were finally pregnant with our first child. We saw him all through our pregnancy and into our next. He has been our doctor since 2014 with whatever arises, and is very knoledgeable. Fast-forward to 2022 I contracted Lyme Disease, and within 24 hours of being on his protocol I felt 100%. He’s amazing and will change your life!

– Erin

“Breast cancer lump barely palpable”

Dr. Bowman is amazing! I had my second bout of breast cancer. My first was in October 2019. At that time I was in shock and took the modern medicine route for the most part. I did the lumpectomy but declined the chemo/radiation and estrogen blockers. They said I had a 25% chance of re-occurrence.

Well, in June 2021 I found another lump, close to the previous location. For 3-1/2 months I tried (unsuccessfully) to DIY by following a book. In early August I started to consider other options for natural healing. God brought me to Dr. Bowman. What a godsend! My first appointment was September 13, 2021. By November 20 the lump had reduced in size. December 3rd my thermogram confirmed a significant reduction in inflammation, even in the location of the lump. Since that time, my lump is barely palpable.

I am so thankful that God called Dr. Bowmn to this profession. He is the gift that heals and guides his patients. He is so so different than all the other doctdors I have met. He loves them, cares for them, and even makes himself available to them. It is obvious that he truly loves Chirst and the people that God sends his way! I also wholeheartedly appreciate that Dr. Bowman’s methods are rooted in science and NOT New Age, occult, or Middle Eastern practices.

God is the great healer. He has given Dr. Bowman great wisdom and love to treat people. Thank you Dr. B! We love you.

– The D’s

“Back to myself and even better!”

I want to thank Dr. Bowman and his staff for  helping me get my life and health back.

Over the last 6 years I was sick and they always said it was my thyroid. Well I was sick of being sick and the American Doctors don’t help you at all.

I am so glad God led me to Dr. Bowman. When I saw Dr. Bowman I was so sick that I couldn’t work out any more or drive pretty much anywhere because I would feel dizzy or light headed and my whole body felt off. I couldn’t even make home cooked meals for my family because I had no energy but now thanks to Dr. Bowman and his staff for caring about me and my health I am back to myself and I am even better.

I am able to work out and push myself again. I am able to take my kids fun places again. I am able to do everthing that I love again and it’s all because of Dr. Bowman. I feel like I get pampered here when I come and I leave so relaxed.

– Janelle P.