What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a complete, holistic science of healing, incorporating all the good there is in the healing art – in conformity with the laws of God, Nature and Humanity.

You hold the key …

Instead of using manufactured prescription drugs to treat or suppress symptoms, naturopathy uses safe, natural methods to help the body restore its own normal, healthy internal balance – what science calls “homeostasis”.

Like every human being, you are composed of over 70,000,000,000 (70 trillion!) individual cells.

Each cell must be healthy in itself in order for all the internal organs and systems that make up your body to work properly.

Just as a single musical note out of key can alter an entire piece of music, if just a relatively few cells of your body are out of tune, your entire body and mind can be affected.

The German model

At the Naturopathic European Medicine Centre, we follow a German model of health care. Our services integrate family and internal medicine from a strictly natural perspective.

“Self-healing” is a basic, natural characteristic of your body. 

The concept of biological self-healing is called “auto-regulation”. Simply put, your body is capable of regulating itself – regenerating itself – restoring and maintaining biological balance.

Since this is true, then it is only natural that you should ask, “Why did I get sick? How did my natural good health fail me?”

Questions like this are critical to your life, health and happiness – because unless you accurately understand your health, you will have no direction, no control, and no idea of what to do to get and stay well.

Your body is sensitive to both internal and external factors that impact it every moment of your life.

These stresses and challenges can overwhelm us, overloading our body’s natural ability to balance itself and to maintain a healthy state.

If these stresses are severe enough, or happen long enough over time, our bodies will begin to break down – to “become ill”. This can include a breakdown in the ability of our body to ward off infection and viruses.

The Impact of Stress

Life is stressful. It’s a simple, unavoidable fact. You cannot eliminate stress, but you can understand it and reduce those sources of it, and you can learn to take charge and to control it – instead of letting it control you.

All this takes on  your part is a sincere and deep desire to learn about and understand the function of your health, and the commitment and motivation to take the time to restore your body’s natural balance and optimal health.

What you respect you will protect. Here we ask that you respect your health enough to protect it by learning how your body should work, learning what went wrong, and by learning how you can restore your body to good health once more.

In our work at the Naturopathic European Medicine Centre, we focus not on just your symptoms, but on primary underlying causes. We help you learn how to restore and rebuild your health by stimulating you’r body’s self-regulatory systems while at the same time taking steps to clear your body of internal toxins.


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