So often it can seem that we live in a very broken, chaotic, dysfunctional world not of our making.

There are powerful forces, both seen and  unseen, which seem to have a profound negative effect upon our daily lives … and yet …

The ultimate power of powers resides not “out there,” but inside each of us. We may not completely understanbd this, we may feel powerless compared to t hose who appear to wield power to control us, but ultimately we each have our own source of authentic p ower. 

Anyone who needs to control you is actually very insecure about themselves and very fearful that you will see through them and call their bluff. They therefore will try to intimidate you, confuse you, and manipulate you in order to feel better about themselves.

If you allow this to happen, then you lose yourself and give them permission to abuse you. If you stand up to them, they cannot actually bully or control you and your strong feelings inside, because you have honored, protected, and defended the truth.

It’s a daily battle. Bullies and other narcisists don’t want to change, and you can’t change them. They choose to be what they are.

Your job is to recognize and understand the power games they are playing, and detach yourelf so that you experience the sovereign, precious truth in  you. 

When you do that, their game is over (as far as you are concerned) and you get your life back.

As an extensively trained and experienced German family doctor I have much practical experience in this. It is a core part of my work with you to help you identify and understand  your own personal stress triggers, and to help you learn the skills to be in proper control of yourself and your life again, and to get your life back!

Welcome to the practice of German and European healing. It can literally change your life, restore your internal balance, teach you core life skills, and add lots of fun and enjoyment to your days!