The third leading cause of illness in America every year is … (wait for it) …

Filling a prescription and taking the drug recommended by your own doctor.

This statistic comes from both the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the American Medical Association.

Do you know the word “Iatrogenic?” No? We want you to know it. It can literally save your life.

What is “Iatrogenesis”?

Iatrogenic  means “illness caused by what you were given by your doctor.”

Does this tell you something about the state of American medicine? That there is really a specific word for something like this?

It’s true! Want verification? Here it is:

In a true life-and-death medical emergency drugs may pull you through and save your life. We completely support that. Science has definitively shown however that 95% of all health problems are NOT life threatening crises, but rather the result of a progressive breakdown in your internal health.

You can’t prevent a life threatening accident, but the other 95+% of all health problems are preventable if you are paying attention to your life and health and addressing health problems when they appear instead of ignoring or just taking drugs to suppress /control your symptoms.

Treating symptoms means suppressing the deeper internal causes, ignoring them, allowing them to progress further and not be addressed or corrected,so you get worse, not better.

Beyond promoting the further progression of the problem, you introduce toxic,sometimes fatal drugs into your body when your body is already compromised…

Does this make sense? Is it logical? No. It is the total opposite of logic, of what true science should be – true science which is about investigating the real problem, correctly identifying it and addressing it so it is properly resolved.

You Can’t Fix What You Don’t Understand

Those are the reasons why I first trained as a classical medical doctor, then took a different, safer, more effective path to helping patients restore optimal health using natural methods.

Let’s get a little deeper on the term “Iatrogenesis”. The deeper meaning is an “inadvertent adverse effect or complication resulting from medical treatment or advice.”

Medical treatment or advice includes from pharmacists,nurses, psychologists,therapists, physicians and dentist. Of course this also extends to poorly trained, inexperienced practitioners in complimentary and alternative medicine.

Feeling worse after seeing your doctor? You may be experiencing “iatrogenesis” – due to something prescribed that has compromised and is negatively affecting your health, that is beyond the effects of the original disease, symptom or complaint.

Just sit back and think of the possibilities of side effects from prescription drugs (ever read those pamphlets inserted in with the drug?).

Then there’s medical error, negligence, and adverse effects of or interactions between medications. There can even be emotional (anxiety) trauma related to this.

Healing is possible. It takes time and focus, especially if “Iatrogenesis” is your current health condition:

1) The real original underlying problem still exists, and

2) The new problem of iatrogenesis where you and the original problem get worse, not better, due to medical treatment you are receiving.

Without proper attention, this situation will continue to worsen.

Healthier Alternatives in Nature

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Remember normal healing takes time. Iatrogenesis-reversal care takes longer (we will not sugar coat that) because much more damage has occurred which greatly complicates and prolongs the healing process.

The quicker you get started, the quicker you will begin feeling better – better perhaps than you have felt in years!

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