Spiritual Awakening Among the Redwoods

by | Jun 2, 2024 | Achieving Your Good Health, Reflections

By heritage I am both German and Navajo Native American.

It is an interesting mix. The German culture is very Western, intellectual, scientific, and political – mostly oriented in an outward direction.

The Navajo Native American culture is less intellectual but more oriented in an inward spiritual direction. I have learned much from both perspectives, and continue each day to learn more.

I lived in northern California for many years and there encountered the Spirit of the Redwoods. It changed my life from that moment onward. I have never been the same after that first encounter.

Something deep, subtle, but profoundly connected and incredibly strong was awakened within me. I did not go to the redwoods with any plan or agenda. I was open, and because of being open and receptive, there was a kind of recognition and an inward initiation of connection which remains with me today as a core part of who I am as I continue to evolve.

There is a phrase that has always resonated with me and which comes to mind now – “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Much credible research is now proving this phenomenon to be absolutely true. German, American, and Canadian scientists and researchers have written on t his extensively. Their research – if read with an open and receptive mnd – will give you insight into a much greater expression of life than you may have known before.

Redwoods are sentient beings.

Since my first awakening with the redwoods I have had additional experiences in my continued personal evolution, and through other forests and trees the above as been confirmed and validated to me over and over again. We are undeniably and intrinsically part of nature, and nature is undeniably and intrinsically a part of who we are as well.

When you experience this, not just intellectually or cerebrally but viscerally, you will know immediately what I mean. It will be clearer than clear to you, and your life will never be the same. You will be changed forever in the best, most positive, most uplifting and life-confirming ways imaginable. 

You will prove this to yourself, and you will know just how incredibly wonderful and powerful that connection can be.