For patients who are unable to visit our Stevens Point clinic, Dr. James R. Bowman ND DiHom and the staff of the Naturopathic European Medicine Centre are pleased to announce that the clinic will now be offering telephone consultations with Dr. Bowman.

The cost for a call-in consultation is $40, plus the cost of any recommended supplements (supplements can be shipped to your home or business, or can be picked up at the clinic during normal business hours). Payment by credit card is accepted.

Phone consultations are based on Dr. Bowman’s availability at the clinic. It may be necessary to schedule a call-back time. Just call the clinic at (715) 341-4949 during our normal business hours of  (the clinic is closed for lunch from 12:00 to 1:00 PM).

You can also email Dr. Bowman at

From Dr. James R. Bowman, ND DiHOM:

As our lives become more complicated and more challenging, we must all make adjustments in order to manage our lives better and optimize the outcomes.

So it is with our clinic. Many times, for many different reasons, it is difficult to receive the quality of medical care someone needs.

We have researched this extensively and based on that research we have decided to offer TELEMEDICINE services to our community.


For our current patients, our telemedicine services will act as a limited option in time of unusual circumstances.

Generally our established patients will be seen in our clinic for their needs, but if something unexpected comes up and they need us, they may email or call, my staff and I will respond as quickly as possible to provide the exact services needed in that circumstance.

For new patients who have not yet established a relationship with us, they may email or telephone to discuss their health concerns with us. Based on that telephone or email contact, I will discuss their situation with them thoroughly to determine how best to help them.

Telemedicine for new patients is meant to be a limited affair – when a new patient contacting us via email or telephone is helped, it will be suggested that they then follow through with in-office visits to establish them as regular patients, this greatly enhances our ability to provide the right services for each person each time. More information is available on our website and our Facebook page.

Depending on the nature of the email or telephone contact, I will determine if I am the right provider for those needs or if we need to refer you to another provider, but I truly believe in at least 95% of all cases we can easily take care of all the needs of the children and adults in our community.

The fee for a telemedicine consultation is $40.00. If we dispense natural medicines based on that consultation, those medicines will be an additional fee.

A credit card is required for all transactions. We go to the post office each day at noon and mail out medicines to your home via priority mail, so you receive them quickly. When you receive your medicines you will also find clearly written, detailed instructions with them, we ask you to follow these recommendations faithfully and carefully.

Certainly you should contact us immediately with any questions of concerns, but we ask you in all cases to contact us within a few days of starting the medicines so we know they are working for you, occasionally the recommendations need to be slightly adjusted to make them the most effective for you unique, individual needs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your health problems persist for more than 48 hours or if they worsen, contact us immediately. During office hours call 715.341.4949. After hours/night/weekends call our emergency number at 715.321.3555.

We look forward to helping you and your family receive the best in alternative medicine family health care, thank you for allowing us to be of help to you to protect and promote your health.

— Dr. James R. Bowman, ND DiHOM