Knowing the “What” is not good enough – you need to know the “WHY”!

by | Jan 26, 2024 | Achieving Your Good Health

American-trained doctors mean well and want to help you, but there are huge and critical gaps in their training and education. The result is they are now just technicians.

Unfortunately doctors are taught by the drug companies and therefore simply match a drug to your symptoms and think that’s what medicine should be – WRONG.

Medical doctors and specialists generally know the “WHAT” through testing, but they have almost no understanding of the underlying “WHY.”

This is not to disparage medical doctors, I have great respect for their intentions, but from my German medical education which is much longer and far, far more comprehensive and complete,  I know what American trained doctors know, but they don’t have a clue of what my German training and education have taught me – and that makes ALL THE DIFFERNCE in healing and restoration of your health.


So why does the “WHY” matter?  It’s the key to everything.  What you or your other doctors don’t understand can’t be fixed – because understanding is everything. You can’t fix what you don’t understand.

With it the right answers are known and the right treatment plan is established – without it they are just guessing based on your symptoms and they give you toxic, damaging, even sometimes fatal industrial chemicals called “prescription drugs” to mask or suppress your symptoms.t

That is the total opposite of what German medicine offers – which is safer, much more effective medicine that produces healing with no side effects.

It’s like the investigation of an accident scene.  It’s obvious from the cars involved WHAT happened – two cars collided, but knowing the “WHY” is key. 

Were the drivers impaired from drugs or alcohol?  Did mechanical problems with the brakes cause the collision?  Were the drivers speeding? Was the surface of the road slick causing the accident?

To fix the cars is a simple matter for a technician – the mechanic.  But knowing WHY the accident happened gives you the critical, vital understanding to know what caused the problem and how to not repeat it.  That’s the part that German medical training and education provides that makes all the difference.

Real Healing, Not Symptom Suppression

If you know WHY your health problems developed, where they began, what their origin inside you was, then and only then will you have the insight, the understanding and ultimately the practical tools you need in order to properly address and correct the problems to produce healing … not toxic suppression of your symptoms.

Your SYMPTOMS are not the PROBLEM – they are warning signals from internal damage. 

If  you mask or suppress them, you do not heal, you get worse for two reasons:  1) you are putting toxic chemicals into an already sick, damaged body; 2) because you are not healing the damaged organs, they continue to get worse, not better.

Uncover the WHY

So now  you see – the WHAT does not address nor fix the WHY.  German medicine finds the WHY and addresses that so you actually heal, rebuild and repair your health, and restore your natural internal balance.

That’s what we offer you and your family.  We call it “TARGET-SPECIFIC MEDICAL TREATMENT,” meaning we examine and test you to identify and then target the original underlying and contributing causes. Once those are known, we then target them with specific treatments to help your own body restore internal balance and function … and you recover, you heal. 

That’s what the best medical training and care should do – empower you with accurate knowledge of your state of health.

That’s what we do. You CAN get your life back!