Restore your life and good healthWhen you come to the Naturopathic & European Medicine Centre for help in improving your health, restore internal balance, and to just feel better, you will need answers and a plan to succeed.

During your first visit, this is what we do – learn your unique medical history, provide the testing to find the answers, and design a simple, practical plan to make it all work and to achieve your health goals.

An Organized Process

In order to get the health benefits and changes you want, the healing process has to proceed in a coordinated, organized way.

If you gamble with your health, if you are careless, haphazard, and hit-or-miss about your work with us, you will be disappointed and frustrated because you will not see the improvement you wanted, and in fact things may get worse.

It’s like playing Russian Roulette with your health. It’s not smart.

3 Keys

There are three key things you need to remember and keep in mind during your health restoration process:

  1. You can’t fix what you don’t understand
  2. Your priorities and decisions each day become  your lifestyle and your life
  3. If you wear out  your body where to you plan to live?

To make your treatment plan work you need to commit to being part of an active, balanced partnership, where everyone involved in your healing plays a role and contributes to the process of your recovery and health optimization.

Your life and your health decisions are the core issues in this process. Everything stems from them.

Don’t Let Life Get In The Way

Of course you have other interests and other areas of responsibility or demands for your attention. It’s a question of priority and balance.

If your life and good health are really the first priority, the very center of everything as they need to be, then everything else works.

You can work and earn income, pay your bills, buy a car or a  home, travel, help other people – whatever you like. Your life is properly an exciting and multi-faceted experience!

If things other than your good health wrongly take first priority for you, then nothing else will work as it should or could.

If you have your good health as your first priority, then everything else is possible.

If your health becomes compromised then all other things will fall apart, and you will end up without anything much at all.

Our Goal

We want what you want – your success in healing!

Your life is precious and needs to be honored and taken care of.

This starts from within YOU. What you respect and value you will take care of and protect.

At the Naturopathic & European Medicine Centre, we ask that you respect your own life and health enough to do what needs to be done to protect them, to take care of them so they can take care of you as nature intended.

You deserve to be happy, healthy, productive and fulfilled – and we want to help you to achieve all of those important goals.

To do this however your health must be your first priority, or it won’t work. It can work – will work – if done the right way, in a very active, coordinated, intentional and committed partnership with us as your naturopathic health care provider.

Don’t be hit-or-miss about this. Follow your program faithfully. Do not miss appointments – each one is an essential stepping-stone on the path to optimal, long-term wellness.


Over time, these appointments and our time together will help create the momentum you need to move you forward in the recovery process and restoration and optimization of your good health and life.

Healing is possible. Healing takes time, patience, focus and dedication. Healing takes a personal commitment that only you can provide to yourself.

That is our promise to you. Let us become your active partner in the healing process, commit yourself to doing what it takes, and your life and health WILL change for the better.