health consultationIf you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, if your doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong or their treatments are making you worse and you want solid, alternative options to expensive medical treatments – we can help.

At the Naturopathic European Medicine Centre in Stevens Point, we use gentle, effective, non-invasive testing and evaluation methods to get to the heart and source of your health problems, and we work with you to create an effective treatment plan using natural homeopathic methods that will restore your body to optimum balance and good health.

Seek to Understand

You can’t fix what you don’t understand. When you find the true origin of the problem, you will also find the answers you need to properly reverse the problem and enable your body to heal itself.

There are several key concepts we use to get to the heart of the matter. These key concepts are largely unknown or ignored by traditional modern American medicine. My training in the German model of health and healing gives me unique insight into health problems – and their solutions – that American doctors lack.

Family Clinic

At our naturopathic family clinic in Stevens Point we see and treat patients of all ages for a wide variety of health concerns – from newborns and children, to teens, adults and seniors.

I received my training from the premiere medical university in Germany, as well as years of additional training and clinical experience in Naturopathic Medicine, enzyme therapy, nutritional therapy, detoxification, and functional medicine.

What’s Your Health Concern?

Whether you are dealing with allergies, immune or digestive problems, hormonal issues, depression, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, Lyme Disease or other health issues that are interfering with your enjoyment of life, we can help you to restore yourself to excellent health once more.

Call us today in Stevens Point, Wisconsin at (715) 341-4949 to find out more or to schedule a personal 90-minute evaluation and consultation.

Better health awaits!