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Host: All right, and we are back. This is Elevated Radio and I have Dr. James Bowman on the phone from Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Dr. Bowman, thanks for coming on today.

Dr Bowman: Oh my pleasure. Thank you so much.

Host: Great to hear from you, and the name of your practice, Naturopathic European Medicine Center, please tell us a little about it.

Dr Bowman: Well, I went to medical school in Germany. After high school, I went in the American military and I was stationed in Berlin in Germany and I wanted to go to medical school, and the best medical school on the planet is in Berlin. So I applied and I was accepted and I completed their program, which was about seven years. But after that I was board certified in family medicine and internal medicine, and they posted me in the emergency room where I worked for five years.

And I enjoyed the work, but something was missing. If a case came into the ER that was not a trauma case, I would ask myself, “What was it that brought this person to the point of crisis where they’re here now fighting for their life? What could have been done in the past to prevent this?” And I asked my professors and they didn’t like it. They shook their heads and said, “We don’t know. You’re just here to patch them up. And that’s that.”.

Well, I didn’t believe that. I believe that healing is about much more than that. So I stayed in another seven years in Berlin and started to do some research. What I discovered was alternative medicine, homeopathy naturopathy, enzyme therapy, detoxification, things like that. After seven years of studying that and homeopathic medicine, I felt that I had all the right answers to understand how the body really works and how to promote healing and wellness, and not have to go through a crisis after crisis. So that’s kind of how I evolved into the practice that I have now.

Host: Yeah. Now, is the practice integrative or are you strictly holistic and homeopathic remedies?

Dr Bowman: Well it’s both actually. Some people are very happy with this and it’s a very complete program in and of itself. Some people will continue to see an allopathic doctor but see us concurrently, and so we sometimes work on an integrative basis with them. But it goes either way, it can be freestanding or integrative. It really depends on the nature of the case and the complexity and then what the patient wishes are. But I’d say probably 80% of the people that work with us have been to the allopathic system and not only not gotten better, they’ve gotten worse with the drugs and surgery. So they see us as the alternative, and generally when they come here, all their needs are met and they don’t need to be on medication or contemplate surgery or anything like that anymore.

Host: Yeah. Now tell me more about your patients. Is there a common thread or is there an area you specialize in or is it a little bit of everybody?

Dr Bowman: Well, when people ask me that, it’s actually easier to tell them what we don’t do. We don’t deliver babies anymore, although I’m experienced in that, and we don’t set fractures, we send them to the hospital. But other than that, it’s a very broad based, eclectic practice. We do neonatal work and pediatric work, we work with teenagers, we work with athletes, we work with people who’ve been through trauma. We work with people who are facing serious illnesses like cancer and dementia and things like that. It’s a very diverse practice.

Host: Now I’ve heard wonderful things about stuff like Chinese medicine, acupuncture. Have you ever delved into those areas?

Dr Bowman: Well, I have actually. I’m trained in acupuncture, although I don’t practice it. I refer frequently to acupuncturists and actually, I was in a very bad car accident about a year ago and part of my rehabilitation therapy is to receive physical therapy, but also acupuncture. And so I’m a big fan of it, I like it and I trust it.

Host: Now, take me through the approach when I’m seeing you. Say I’m meeting you for the very first time and maybe I’m new to natural medicine. What could I expect?

Dr Bowman: Well, again, our program is different but for a reason. So I explained the difference between modern American allopathic medicine that’s based on symptoms and drugs and the German approach, which is based on finding actual answers to the problems. We’re not interested in just stopping at the symptoms. The symptoms point us toward where the problem would be and so we try to investigate and find the origin of the problem., But I tell everybody that they are as unique as their fingerprints and DNA. One size does not fit all and so we spend about an hour and a half to two hours with them on the first visit going through a very, very thorough, lengthy medical history and consultation.

Then in our clinic we have our own laboratory and we do our own lab work using saliva and urine samples for diagnosis, and I tell them by the end of the visit, from what we’ve discussed with them and the supportive literature that we sent home with them, they will have clear, definitive answers that they’ve had nowhere else. They will know what the problem is, what it’s not, what caused it, and how to reverse it using natural medicines.

Host: Now, in your opinion, what should one look for in a naturopath? Especially if I’m shopping around for the first time, how do I go about vetting and selecting?

Dr Bowman: Oh, what a good question. Yeah, I was just working on a handout for that. The 10 things that I listed is a really good doctor has certain traits and characteristics. He or she should be compassionate, absolutely focused on what’s best for the patient, honest, caring, realistic, optimistic, thinks outside the box in unorthodox ways as needed to actually identify the problem. He or she would investigate until they found the right answer. They never give up and they are strong patient advocates.

Host: Oh very good, and it’s going to be in pamphlet form soon?

Dr Bowman: Yes sir. That’s on my desktop right now, in the word processing process.

Host: Oh, very nice. Now, speaking of computers, are you online or any social media? Any way like that for our listeners to reach out.

Dr Bowman: Yes, we have a really excellent about 30 page website. It’s called, and then we’re also on Facebook, we have a wonderful Facebook page. So it’s pretty easy to locate us and there’s lots and lots of really good information about diet and nutrition and detoxification and stress management and natural hormone therapy and just everything you can think of.

Host: Okay, very good and I want to keep things moving, and for my final question, ask about the future. What is the next step for you and your practice and the business and all that?

Dr Bowman: Well, we started a new program very recently. It’s called TransFormation™. There are a lot of services out there that offer to let you lose weight in a healthy way. Some work, some don’t. Most of them don’t work very well and they’re very expensive, so this is targeting the people who need to lose weight in a very healthy, proactive way. But it goes beyond that, to what we call the transformation process, where their whole life actually changes. They learned really safe, effective ways of managing stress. They learn the right ways to exercise and how to integrate that into a busy schedule. They learn the right diet that’s based on their genetics and their blood type. It’s a very comprehensive program. But again, the point of it is what our website is called, you can get your life back. We want to do that, and we’ve done that. People have come to us and said, “Dr. Bowman, you know, I’m so grateful for what you’ve done. You’ve helped me get my life back.” That’s why we’re here.

Host: All right, fantastic. And we will have to take a break now. Dr. James Bowman, why don’t you mention that website one last time for our listeners?

Dr Bowman: Sure. It’s, there are about 30 pages of good information. And then there’s also our email address, we love to have phone calls or emails, answer any questions, anything we can do to help you improve your health.

Host: All right, fantastic. Dr. Bowman, it’s been a pleasure having you on today and all the best .

Dr Bowman: Mine to you, Chris. Thank you so much,

Host: And a big thank you to our listeners as well. This is Elevated Radio. We are out of time for now, more interviews coming up next.