Doctors and Surgeons: They Don’t Know, and They Can’t Help You Because … They Never Ask – “WHY?”

by | Apr 5, 2024 | Achieving Your Good Health, Reflections

Either way, YOU LOSE!

A really intelligent, compassionate, competent, qualified, properly-trained, and well-experienced doctor, is the doctor who knows that the answer you are seeking is found in the question “WHY?”

Why – as in, WHY did your body develop your particular problems?

German “heilkunst” directly addresses that in order to find the answers you need.

No one can fix what they don’t understand.

It’s a core scientific fact with no exceptions, ever.

Not seeking to learn “WHY,” all that you and your poorly-trained doctors are left with is the “WHAT.”  That’s the easy part.

Through X-rays a tumor is found. Through a blood test heart problems are determined.

Totally lacking however is the insight,  understanding and medical empowerment of knowing WHY. All they know and all they can tell you is, “We’ll treat your symptoms using Rx prescription drugs, and when that fails we’ll remove and dissect your organs and tissues with surgery.”

Does that make sense to you? Is that really the best they can offer?

The answer, emphatically, is NO!

Your body is designed to be able to heal. What traditional, Western-trained doctors is completely wrong, for all these reasons, and more:

  1.  Prescription drugs are synthetic industrial chemicals from laboratories in New York, Los Angeles, China … and who knows where else.
  2. Synthetic drugs are not from nature. They are highly toxic and act in UN-natural ways on your body.
  3. Drugs always have warnings and side effects, and their use can create other even worse problems, and can even be fatal.
  4. Drugs do not actually heal you. Drugs merely suppress and mask your symptoms.   You may feel better, even while you are getting worse, or developing other disfunctions.
  5. You will continue to get worse because at the same time that the drugs you are given are hiding or suppressing your symptoms, the real, true underlying and contributing causes of your problems continue to progress, making the eventual internal failure of your body’s systems guaranteed.

Before the current “woke” ideologies of DEI, gender “choice”, and “gender-affirming” (actually physiology-denying) chemical castration and mutilative surgery infected the medical profession, all doctors swore their fidelity to the Hippocratic Oath upon receiving their medical credentials.

The Hippocratic Oath

The very first line of the Oath is, “Doctor, first DO NO HARM.”

Make no mistake. A doctor, no matter how well-intentioned, can harm you by doing, prescribing or advising something wrong that makes you worse instead of better, or by withholding something from you – information – that can enable you to heal.

In the case of toxic  drugs, both things happen; you get worse from the poisonous toxicity of the drugs, and you get worse because the right care and the right advice was not provided to you.

A recent study of more than 230 cultures and nations around the world showed that Americans are currently 39th down from the top of the list regarding the health of its citizens.

Yet, of these 230 nations and cultures, Americans SPEND MORE PER PERSON PER YEAR on medical care and surgeries than ANY other nation on the planet.

It is becoming more and more clear that the American system of health care – based as it is on treating symptoms through drugs and invasive surgeries – is very broken!

So what is the answer to better, safer, and more effective health care?

The German model of medical training for doctors is called HEILKUNST,” meaning the art of healing using strictly natural methods.”

That’s why I chose to take all of my medical training at German universities, because it is a smarter, safer, and more effective philosophy, produces real healing, and will not harm you.

According to the US government’s own Food and Drug Administration, last year in the United States there were over 500,000 ( a half-million!) UNNECESSARY surgeries, and another 400,000 adults AND children who ultimately died from complications connected to the very drugs their doctors had prescribed.

The result? Such a system and philosophy of drug-and-surgery-focused care directly causes needless and inexcusable suffering.

HEILKUNST is safer, gets results in better outcomes, and it MAKES MORE SENSE by all measures (except pharmaceutical company profits).

So, do you want continued broken health because of broken and flawed health care, or do you want HEILKUNST?

The choice should be clear. At the Naturopathic European Medicine Centre in Stevens Point, Wisconsin my staff and I dedicate all of our training, eductaion, experience and compassion to assist and support YOU as we work with you to get your life back!

Welcome to HEILKUNST and the natural German science of healing!