DID YOU KNOW? Homeostasis and your Internal Terrain

by | May 17, 2024 | Achieving Your Good Health, Reflections

Your health is an extremely dynamic phenomenon, complex … yet organized.

Importantly, to the properly-trained doctor – who is also a very experienced scientist – health is understandable.

In spite of this, rather than treating the underlying causes of disease and bodily dysfunction, American medical care is mostly based upon suppressing symptoms with synthetic industrial chemicals called Rx prescription drugs.

The problem is these substances don’t actually lead to healing or wellness. Because of side effects – some even potentially fatal – these toxic substances can actually do more internal damage, making your overall health worse, not better.

Here at the Naturopathic European Medicine Centre in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, we are different. What we recommend is a very different scientific approach which is logical, safer, and more effective in actually supporting and encouraging your body to rebuild itself, leading to healing and a restoration of your good health.

Science calls this balance “HOMEOSTASIS,” and it is – or should be – your real goal.

To help you achieve your goal of homeostasis and good health, it is important for you – and your doctor – to understand your “Internal Terrain.”

By testing and observing certain physical markers, we seek to understand how and why your normal, natural internal functional balance became damaged and unstable in the first place.

From this information, we determine how to promote a reversal of that imbalance in order to induce and support your body’s healing.

Germany is the undisputed world leader in scientific health research and training for doctors. These methods set the standard for the entire world. This is why I chose to receive my training through the top German medical schools.

Here at the Naturopathic European Medicine Centre, we set the standard in Wisconsin and in our local community of Stevens Point. It is this ability which is at the heart of our work with you.

This approach is completely different from what you may be familiar with through your traditional, Western-trained medical doctors and other care providers.

We are fundamentally teachers, and thus we seek to empower you with an accurate understanding of how this different approach to restoring your health and homeostasis is safer, and more effective.

When  you are accepted for care with us, we form a special partnership with you to promote a new understanding of your health – and your return to homeostasis.

It took time for your body to become compromised. It will take time to heal. Patience and understanding are the keys to achieving the results you want.  Let us work with you in an active partnership, and your recovery can proceed forward.

Because we are teachers we will provide you with lots of information about your internal terrain, and what it means for your return to good health.

Some of this information you may already be familiar with. Some will undoubtedly be new to you. All of it will help you to get to really understand your own health – and understanding promotes healing.

Welcome to German European natural family medicine!  We hope to have the honor to know you and to work with you to promote your return to a higher level of  health and wellness!