From Dr. Andreas Marx:

While studying the latest Novel Coronavirus, the new virus from China that is causing the much-publicized Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), researchers working for the Austrian biotech company Aperion have discovered that the virus utilizes a specialized receptor which docks or attaches itself onto lung cells. They have named this receptor ACE2.

Researchers are now conducting tests with a genetically engineered enzyme, to see if it will interfere or prevent the docking process, which would prevent the virus from replicating and causing both symptoms and physical damage to the host body.

Aperion’s effort is to demonstrate that their genetically engineered enzyme is effective on the COVID-19 virus, which will allow them to patent it.

It is encouraging to see companies and professional researchers acknowledging that enzymes can destroy virus’, including the new COVID-19 Coronavirus.

From Dr. James R. Bowman, ND DiHOM

What saved millions of lives in 1918 when the Spanish Viral Flu was ravaging the planet, was alternative medicine in the form of homeopathic medicines.

Before that the Rx prescription drugs being used were not only ineffective, they made the situation worse and caused innocent children and adults to die faster. It was alternative medicine in the form of homeopathic medicines which saved the day.

Perhaps now history will repeat itself and alternative medicine, this time in the form of special enzymes, will prove safe and effective at stopping this current pandemic.  We support such research and the further evolution of natural and alternative medicines which often turn out to be far safer and more effective that synthetic, often toxic and sometimes even fatal Rx prescription drugs.

We are not against Rx prescription drugs so long as they are safe and effective, and sometimes that may be the case. What we are against is the over-use of synthetic drugs which don’t work but have serious side effects.  What we favor are methods of healing with the lowest risk and highest positive outcomes . . .

We’ll keep you posted as this research evolves, take care of yourselves and your family and friends and let us help you to stay safe and well.