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Weight loss done the RIGHT way!

Dr. James R. Bowman, ND DiHOM 

Do you want better health, a leaner, trimmer body, and a happier life?

Do you feel today like you are traveling on a bridge to nowhere?On a bridge to nowhere.

Imagine … looking and feeling better each day, achieving the weight loss and the wellness YOU want, by knowing WHAT to do and the RIGHT way to do it!

Imagine facing yourself in the mirror each day with a sense of pride and accomplishment, full of energy and purpose, confident that you look as great as you feel!

What would that be worth to you?

If your desire is to become the best you can be, and to feel strong, capable, healthy and happy – to be in a place where your life and health are really better, then you need the RIGHT plan and the RIGHT strategy to get you there!


There’s A Better Way

WELCOME to hope!   Welcome to a new, powerful, and effective way to LOSE the weight you want, in the healthiest way possible. You CAN do it!

Face it. There are dozens of different weight loss programs, fads, gimmicks and supplements out there today, each promising fast, easy results.

Millions of Americans – perhaps even you – have faithfully tried all of the different plans being aggressively marketed today on the Internet, on television, in magazines.

Yet after thousands of dollars, and weeks, months, or even years of effort and expense, all there is to show for it is perhaps a few measly pounds lost – pounds quickly gained back as you become discouraged with the lack of results and go back to your old ways.

In spite of the easy success promised by each of these “latest and greatest” weight loss plans, none of them turn out to be what you expect or need, they don’t work, and they leave you disappointed and frustrated.


Scientifically Proven Methods

I have spent years of my medical and naturopathic career studying what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to my patients attaining, and then maintaining, a healthy weight and vibrant, energy-producing metabolism.

Individual as your fingerprints

Simply put, the reason most of those off-the-rack for-the-masses weight-loss programs don’t work, is that every person – YOU – are a completely unique person, unique as your fingerprints and DNA.

I received my scientific and medical training at THE world leading biomedical and naturopathic research university in Europe, the Freie Universitat College of Medicine in Berlin. I have spent many more years learning about and receiving specialized training in the areas of natural and alternative family medicine.

I did this because early on, I saw that there was more to good health than just drugs and surgery. I wanted to actually help people find the RIGHT way to not only deal with their symptoms, but to get to the root of the problem in order to restore proper and optimal health and wellness – using safe, effective, gentle natural and alternative methods.


What Makes Our Program Work

Blood typesRecent groundbreaking research is showing that your blood type is incredibly important in understanding your health, and in helping you to change and improve your health naturally.

Based on this, as well as a number of other non-invasive tests that will reveal to us several critical metabolic markers, we will help you design an effective, individual weight loss and health-enhancing program that is custom-tailored to YOUR unique metabolic challenges and requirements.

Chemical composition of your body

The German-based scientific research at the core of our program is the only optimal weight loss transformation program in the world that is based on YOUR genetics, YOUR blood type, and all of YOUR individual, unique internal chemistry factors.

Probably no one has ever really taught you this – not your doctors trained in Western medicine and symptom suppression, not your teachers or professors, and perhaps not even your dietitian.

We will.  We evaluate you in a very detailed and comprehensive way to determine who you are inside – based on all those factors. No one else even dreams of that level of individual attention, much less has the training, understanding, or experience to finally get you the long-lasting results you’ve been looking for.

That’s what makes our program so unique and so successful.

Your health belongs to YOU. Your health is a precious gift, and with that gift comes the responsibility to understand it, feed it, and care for it as nature intended. 


Compare – Us vs. Them


  • Very limited training in science and healthcare
  • Focus only on symptoms
  • Care limited to toxic drugs and surgery
  • No understanding of functional medicine
  • No serious changes in your life or health
  • No real help with stress
  • No mention of detoxification
  • No real focus on your unique personal needs

All of us here at the Naturopathic European Medicine Centre in Stevens Point, Wisconsin look forward to helping you get  your life and health back – helping you to live a happy, energetic, and vibrant life in a healthy body – and using our knowledge, training and experience with natural, proven German holistic methods to help you successfully lose the weight you want and desire

Imagine a happier, healthier, more energetic and THINNER you!  CALL US TODAY to make an appointment for your comprehensive evaluation and TransFormation™ weight loss consultation!  (715) 341-4949. 

Dr James R Bowman, ND DiHOM

Dr. Bowman is a Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) and focuses his practice around the German naturopathic model of health. From his Navajo roots Dr Bowman learned to appreciate the wisdom of natural healing and a spiritual, holistic approach to good health. Dr Bowman also works with medical doctors and other healthcare practitioners to restore and optimize patients good health. For an appointment call (715) 341-4949 Monday-Thursday, 9AM to 5PM.

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