American oncologists are trained to believe they have all the knowledge and skills necessary to treat and cure cancer … but it’s not so.

Originally published on Substack in A Natural Life

Do not misunderstand. I am not opposed to oncology as the study and treatment of cancer. I have friends who are specialists in oncology, and I work closely with many oncologists to restore their patients to optimal health during and after their cancer treatments.

I respect that American and Western-trained oncologists mean well, but their training is incomplete, and thus their understanding of cancer is lacking.

American oncologists are trained to believe that they have all of the training, knowledge, and skills to know best how to work with cancer patients.

I respectfully submit that this is not so.

Why? For many reasons, but not the least of which is that if you ask your oncologist WHY you developed the cancer, if they are being honest they will have to admit that they don’t really know, and that all they can really do is treat your symptoms and try to remove the cancer through surgery, or kill the cancer through toxic chemicals and radiation.

Here is the truth: You cannot cut, burn, or poison cancer and think that you have understood or cured it. Cancer is a biological process, and so long as the process and the root cause is still present you can use chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery to attack the cancer, but as long as your body’s natural immunity is compromised another cancer will be produced until you identify the true origin and cause of the cancer, and treat the cause successfully.

My early medical training was in Germany, at the prestigious University of Heidelberg and University of Berlin. These are the two premier medical universities in the world. Their programs are longer, and far more complete compared to any other medical college, and that’s why I chose them, receiving intensive training in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Emergency Medicine.

To earn credentials at an American medical school takes about 11 years. My training in Germany plus my additional post-doctoral training in Sri Lanka required all of 16 years, and included many extremely important aspects not included in American training, such as detoxification, enzyme therapy, homeopathic medicine, and naturopathic medicine.

I am not an oncologist, but because of the comprehensive nature of my medical training plus over 30 years in daily clinical practice, I have found that my experience plus my medical education has given me a very complete and unique understanding of immunity, metabolic disease, and in particular cancer, far exceeding the training obtained by student physicians at American medical schools.

A German-trained doctor WILL know and understand the root causes of your cancer, based on the most solid scientific research.

What research increasingly shows, is that aside from other contributing environmental and lifestyle factors such as pollution, exposure to the sun or other radiation, tobacco use, and obesity, the root cause of most if not all cancers is a fungal candida

infection, which is compromising and weakening the body’s natural immunity, and may itself be the result of a weakened immunity (Candida naturally exists in the body, but is usually kept in check by the body’s immune response).

Most American doctors are never trained in this – nor are they trained in nutrition, detoxification, or enzyme therapy. All they know are toxic medicines pushed by pharmaceutical manufacturers (chemotherapy), damaging radiation, or invasive surgery – usually followed up with radiation and chemical therapies to “burn out” every last detectable cancerous cell.

As long as the underlying Candida fungal infection is present, compromising the body’s immune system, another cancer will ultimately be produced, starting the whole “treatment” cycle over again, at great cost both financially and to physical wellness.

In other words, to break the cycle, you MUST identify and treat the root cause of the cancer – the Candida infection – successfully.

Working in concert with your oncologist and primary physician, our approach is to work to enhance and strengthen your natural immunity, detoxify your body from the inherent side effects from chemotherapy and radiation, provide the appropriate nutritional and homeopathic supports to promote healing, and thus improve your overall good health and quality of life.