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Books on good healthChanging your health means changing your thinking. You cannot fix what you (or your doctors) do not understand.

New understanding is the beginning of new life and new health. Dr. James R. Bowman, ND DiHOM has written over 80 very unique and comprehensive books about a wide variety of health problems for both children and adults, as understood from the German internal metabolic model of health.

Read through our entire list of available books. You will find many that will be of interest and value to you. Share this website and this page with others – friends, family and colleagues – who are in need of better health.

When you help someone else in need, you are also blessed and rewarded. Books like these make great gifts for birthdays, holidays or anytime  you want to uplift and inspire someone to a better life and better health.

We love to answer questions and to help people how to improve their health and change their lives. Explore this website to learn more about our work in natural and holistic healthcare. Here you will find good, solid, accurate information about how to achieve and maintain better health, no matter your age or condition.

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