Man in emergency room

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and others, the top health problem in the United States is heart disease, followed by cancer.

As serious as these are conditions are to those afflicted by them and to their families, these are not the real problem in health and health care.

The #1 health problem in America is … are you ready for it? … NOT PAYING ATTENTION!

It’s true. Think about it.

Family eating dinner looking at cell phones

Today we are constantly distracted by cell phones, emails, social media, television, news reports, and a thousand-and-one other constant daily distractions and interruptions from friends, co-workers, bosses, work demands, family obligations … it’s a wonder  we’re not all in a small rubber room being fed Prozac (an antidepressant) intravenously! (and some are)

It doesn’t have to be this way. We have choices. We have options.

But what causes this insane chaos?

Two things:

  1. Loss of our personal empowerment, and

Too often, especially because of the idiocy of “political correctness” gone insane, we give up our personal power – the control we have over our own lives. We let things slide, and things get worse instead of better.

What controls your life and health? Your chosen lifestyle!

You have choices. What you do or fail to do each day becomes your lifestyle, and your life. This includes your health, your work, your family, and your future.

If your chosen lifestyle (and not acting is a choice as much as the actions you take and the decisions you make) controls everything, then to make positive changes you need to CHANGE what controls everything – YOUR LIFESTYLE.

Change your life for the better

The foundation of this is paying attention to the things that are really important, not being distracted, and not losing focus – but being very present in each moment, and taking back your personal power to direct and control your own life.

When you do this, everything changes. Your life becomes sweeter, more balanced, more fun, more productive … and better in every respect.

A big part of how we help others at our clinic is this kind of coaching, support and clarification.

Scientific research has revealed that perhaps 90% of ALL health problems have a core of unresolved emotional issues regarding personal empowerment and attention to what is important in life.

So, if you really want things to get better with your personal life, family life, as well as with your work and career, then (1) Reclaim your personal power, and (2) PAY ATTENTION.

If you want things to be better, this is an essential part of the answers  you seek. We can help.